How I fell in love with Hennef

Hennef (Sieg) - die Stadt der 100 Dörfer  - Hennef - the city of 100 villages

Hennef - Köln = 35 km

Hennef - Bonn =20 km

I came from Croatia to Hennef in 2015, and fell in love with him in the first few days. Beautiful town, beautiful nature and nice people.

Here I learned that there is also a fifth season - Carnival (you will find an explanation below at the bottom of the page in the picture gallery.)

When they took me on the first sightseeing of Hennef it was evening and I was first impressed by the station (first picture below), then the bridge over the river Sieg – Horstmannsteg (pictures below alt and new Horstmannsteg)

Station in Hennef

Old Horstmannsteg

New Horstmannsteg

Hennef (Sieg)  - die Stadt der 100 Dörfer  - Hennef (Sieg) - the city of 100 villages

Hennef (Sieg), on the River Sieg, in the NRW (Nord Rhein Westfallen) is a lovely combination of urban and rural. It is also known as Stadt der 100 Dörfer (Town of 100 Villages) because it houses nearly 100 districts and former independent townships within its political borders.


Kurpark Hennef

promenade along the river Sieg (translate: Victory)

Hennef offers great restaurants, shopping, and cultural events, as well as beautiful scenery and landscapes that will delight nature lovers. There are miles of well-marked hiking and biking trails that allow you to enjoy the river valley, open meadows, and wooded areas with ease. 

Hennef is close to the cities Bonn and Cologne and also close to the Nürburgring, all of which make Hennef a very desirable tourist destination. (Video of the Sieg River and Picture gallery below ). 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by e-mail or on Instagram: Foto Raja Hennef.

I will edit this page and show the beauties of Hennef and its surroundings, in the future I will make a page about Croatia so that I can show the beauties of the country where I was born.

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